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About Our Products

Energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings are no longer just goals; they are requirements. Made almost entirely from recycled glass and sand, insulated CR Ducts and CR Bends are our first innovation for use in building ventilation systems. Flat packaging,  noise attenuation, and lowered CO2 emissions are just a few of the obvious benefits.



  • >70% CO2 emission savings compared to standard insulated, metal ductwork
  • Increased energy efficiency of the ventilation system through airtight connections combined with insulated ductwork
  • Flat packaging means more ductwork, up to 85 meters on a pallet, transported in less space

Material handling = time savings

  • CR Ducts are lightweight; one worker can carry up to 16 meters at a time.
  • Standard dimensions aligning to round ducts allow for easy adaptability to existing and retrofit of ventilation systems.
  • The hexagon shape of CR Ducts allow for a round-to-rectangular solution to bypass pipes and other obstacles without added costs and pressure loss of your ventilation system.

Ducts + insulation, 2-in-1

  • CR Ducts and CR Bends provide vapour barriers on the inside and outside to avoid condensation and deliver thermal insulation values higher than normal for their 30mm thickness – ideal for outdoor air intake and exhaust ductwork
  • On-site duct cutting by insulation knife eliminates needs for noisy electrical tools and hot works.

Ventilation noise silence

  • Natural sound attenuation by CR Ducts can replace the need for most duct silencers on projects
  • Less air duct silencers means less pressure loss for a quieter, more energy efficient system
  • Space savings from avoiding ventilation silencers mean simpler ventilation design and lower project costs