The Nya Kronan office complex in Sundbyberg

The Nya Kronan office complex in central Sundbyberg is being built by Skanska on behalf of the Vasakronan property company. Profound environmental awareness characterizes the project, meaning that the Nya Kronan buildings will achieve the highest level of environmental certification. From this perspective, Climate Recovery ventilation ducting fits hand in glove with the buildings’ ventilation system.

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The Nya Kronan complex is located in central Sundbyberg – a stone’s throw from the commuter rail, metro and bus lines, and with a lot of footfall. In total, the project comprises three buildings, of which Skanska is building two, one nine floor and one eleven floor building.

All in all, there will be 42,000 m2 of office space, the Swedish Tax Agency being the largest tenant. There will be about one hundred garage spaces.

 “Everything is being built based on an environmental perspective, using circular construction as a yardstick; the objective being the minimum possible environmental impact. This applies both during the construction period and during the expected useful life of the property, where as much material as possible can be reused,” says Mikael Berglund, Skanska’s installation coordinator for the project.

“So, the buildings will meet ambitious sustainability requirements, including a geoenergy installation and solar panels, and will be LEED certified to the highest, Platinum, level.”

Environmental factors were one of the main reasons why Climate Recovery was chosen as the supplier of ducting for the property’s ventilation system.

There will be over a kilometer of ventilation ductwork in total.

“Historically, or perhaps one should just say normally, one uses sheet metal ducting. I have to admit that to start with I was a little skeptical about switching to Climate Recovery ductwork, especially as this came late in the process. But now I know more, I have had to rethink my attitude,” Mikael Berglund continues.

The production of Climate Recovery ventilation ducts, which mainly consist of recycled glass, sand and soda, requires significantly less energy than manufacturing ducting in sheet metal. At the same time, they meet all performance and other requirements, including that of fire safety. They are also ready insulated on delivery, avoiding one time-consuming element of installation work.

“Climate Recovery’s solution may initially seem slightly more expensive than traditional sheet metal ducting. But my assessment, having looked at the bigger picture, is that this is not the case, in fact it might even be a little cheaper,” says Mikael Berglund.

“In our case, the installation took a little longer than it should have done, but this was probably due to the fitters not being used to working with this type of ductwork. But that is often the case with innovation, you have to get used to it.”

Because Nya Kronan is located in central Sundbyberg, logistics has been a tough challenge throughout the construction process.

“To solve the logistical challenges, we looked at the flows at an early stage, drawing up a detailed logistics plan. The key has been to get the right material to the right place at the right time, making the logistics operation run smoothly,” says Mikael Berglund.

“In this respect, Climate Recovery’s ducts proved to have valuable characteristics. Partly, because they weigh significantly less than traditional sheet metal ducts, and are delivered flat packed and easy to lift. Partly, because more fit onto one truck. This allowed us to reduce the number of journeys to supply construction material, so reducing disruption to other traffic in the area.”

“But there are also advantages inside the building itself. The ventilation ducts can be transported directly to each floor in ordinary construction elevators, and they are easy to stack so take up no unnecessary space that could prevent other work,” Mikael Berglund concludes.

The Nya Kronan complex in numbers

Nya Kronan 1+324 000 m2
Environmental certificationLEED Platinum
Turnkey contratcorSkanska
HVAC consultantTyrens
Ventilation contractorCreovent/Airteam

Total Project Savings

Energy Efficiency

Lower pressure loss in CR t-pieces and bends as well as lower fan speed and power creates saving of 1,2 million kWh over 20 years.


Fewer deliveries and less floorspace needed for material.

Time Plan Savings

700 project hours saved by 2-in-1 system = faster tenant move-in

Environmental Certification LEED Platinum

Selection of CR secures a more sustainable process from manufacturing to maintenance and use


Over 15 ton CO2 emissions savings at installation and 145 ton CO2 savings after 20 years in use.

Installation cost savings by switching to CR, calculated on offices/conference room, 1.200 m2


One delivery and simplified handling of material during installation.

Time Plan Savings

2-in-1 product requires fewer days rental of scissor lift.

New solution for soundproofing ducts

Analysis of sound attenuation in the system and finding more economical soundproofing solutions = removal of most duct silencers, less holes drilled, and sealants needed provided a more efficient installation.

Savings on 1200 m2 by using Climate Recovery

1260 kg243 kg102 hours