Protector – our fire resistance  duct system 

Protector is a ventilation duct system that meets the requirements for fire resistance EI30 and EI60 respectively and meets fire resistance classes A2-s1, d0. Protector and its components have undergone extensive fire tests in accordance with EI 1366-01.

Protector is delivered pre-insulated and has a 50 mm thick hardened wool layer that is covered with stainless steel foil on the inside and black aluminium foil on the outside. Its inside and outside are round. Protector ducts are delivered round and in lengths of 200 cm.

Cutting of ducts to the right length can be pre-ordered or carried out on site with a custom workbench.

The fire-approved system includes hangers and wall penetrations. Installation of the ducts is made with system-specific hangers that have an adapted radius to fit on the outside of the insulation. Installation of the Protector ventilation duct system must be carried out in accordance with the mounting instructions to ensure that the fire resistance is obtained.

The Protector ventilation duct system reduces CO2 emissions by about 30% compared to traditional sheet steel solutions.


Tested and approved Delivery capacity under construction.