LFM30 is an initiative in Malmö, Sweden to reach a localised game plan to accelerate the construction sector’s climate change and implementation of Agenda 2030. The initiative is member-driven with support from Sveriges ByggindustrierFossil-Free Sweden, and Malmö City.

Intressegrupp Passivhus represents Sweden in the International Passive House Association, a combination of organisations from around the world who actively work to promote the passive house standard.

Sweden Green Building Council is Sweden’s leading organization for sustainable building. Members are companies and organisations who work within community building.

Svensk Ventilation is a branch association that highlights the importance of indoor air health and the possibilities of ventilation technology to reduce energy use in our buildings.

The Center for Circular Construction (CCBuild) is the industry’s common arena where actors meet and collaborate on circular material flows during construction, demolition and management. The arena offers networks, knowledge and digital services that strengthen the market for circular products and services in the construction and real estate sector.