Climaver – pre-insulated and flexible

Climaver is a pre-insulated, environmentally friendly, rectangular duct system. Climate Recovery has the exclusive right to market and sell this system on the Swedish market. Climaver has been on the international market for 50 years, mainly in Central and Southern Europe.

Climate Recovery can deliver the system in flat panels or as pre-assembled product components. The degree of variation in geometry is almost endless, which is why every purchase requires a collaboration to lock in the geometric design of the product components.

Environmentally friendly, pre-insulated, rectangular Climaver together with similarly environmentally friendly, pre-insulated, round Originator is a perfect combination for any facility building.  Primarily for those whose duct system is to be insulated, but also for all building constructions that have ambitions to reduce climate impacting emissions.

More information

Here you will find general information about Climaver:

An introduction to the system can be found via this link:

CLIMAVER® | Insulated ducts | ISOVER Technical Insulation (

The most frequently asked questions are answered here:

Technical documentation and typical geometries (filter by BIM objects) can be found with this link:  Documentation | Isover Technical Insulation (

Good to have, when installing, is the Climaver Quick guide: 

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Products in the Climaver series

The following products are available to order (processed products are not included):

  • Climaver Board, A2 plus (25 mm pre-insulated board with aluminium foil-covered inside) CLIMAVER® A2 Plus
  • Climaver Board, NETO (25 mm pre-insulated board with black non-woven foil cover on the inside) CLIMAVER® Neto
  • Climaver Toolbox (a must if you are going to manufacture products on site) 
  • Climaver Knife (should everyone have)
  • Climaver Angle Guide (a must if you are going to manufacture products on site)
  • Climaver Stapler
  • Climaver Tape Aluminium
  • Climaver NETO Tape
  • Climaver Glue
  • Climaver H-Metal Profile
  • Climaver Blades Replacements, spare blade for tool box
  • Climaver Staplers
  • Climaver Spatulas

Då produkter utformas brukar följande former och namn användas (följt av Bredd * Höjd):



Bend 90°

Bend 45°

R Branch




Offset (S-ing))

Beam pass (two S-ing horizontally)

Pole pass (2 S-ing vertically)