About us

The purpose of Climate Recovery® is to innovate new technology and establish new products to global HVAC ductwork markets that offer sustainable benefits to the environment, building industry, and end user.
Climate Recovery produktionsanläggning, Kalmar.

Our founders

We are the future of sustainable HVAC ductwork

Climate Recovery is a platform for sustainable solutions in ventilation systems, starting at our Innovation Lab in Kalmar, Sweden. Through continued development by our dedicated team of engineers and current production of the CR Duct System, we are improving our existing product lines and designing machinery for the next generation of sustainable ventilation products.

Ventilation system LCC savings

HVAC systems account for up to 50% of a building’s annual energy usage.  The CR Duct System offers the ability for decreased energy cost in buildings through maintaining consistent temperature, pressures, and tightness, delivering both decreased costs and better Life Cycle Costs (LCC) for the building. Oh, and we’ll throw in lower noise level of your system for free.

Better uses for limited resources

There are more important applications for sheet metal than to simply move air. When other ductwork options are possible, especially those that consist of sustainable materials, limited resources should be preserved. Climate Recovery pushes everyone to explore these alternatives, regardless of location or industry, all around the world.

Lower CO2 emissions

From raw material and product fabrication through to improved transportation to our customers and end users, CR products enjoy more than 70% lowered CO2 emissions than insulated sheet metal ductwork.