Ventilation for people and the environment

There are many reasons to move away from a long-standing tradition in the construction industry – such as ventilation ducts must be made of sheet metal. With our ventilation solution, you get a result that is good for both people and the environment. And for your financial calculation.
The City of Gothenburg has carried out a pilot project for fossil-free construction, called "Hoppet". Here, the Originator duct system from Climate Recovery has been installed.

Several advantages of our ventilation duct systems


By installing our ducts, you save over 80% CO2 compared to traditional sheet metal duct solution.


Our duct system reduces the pressure drop and the ventilation fan's energy consumption can be reduced throughout its service life.


The entire duct system acts as one long sound damper. This gives the duct system a unique sound damping capability.


By installing our duct, the entire real estate project makes many indirect gains: less storage space, shorter project time plans, fewer transports and more.

Three product lines for every need

Originator Assortment


Originator is a round, pre-insulated, environmentally friendly, very easy-to-install, ventilation duct system. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and assemble. The pre-insulated ducts are easily cut to the right length with a knife.
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Climarver rektangulära ventilationskanaler


Climaver is a rectangular, pre-insulated, environmentally friendly, ventilation duct system. The rectangular Climaver together with similarly eco-friendly, pre-insulated, round Originator is a perfect combination for any property.
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Protector is our fire-rated system for round ventilation ducts. It meets the requirements for fire resistance EI30 and EI60 respectively.
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Benefits for all

Our ventilation duct solution offers several benefits, that several stakeholders can benefit from. Everyone from property owners and tenants, to construction companies and installers, benefits from using duct systems from Climate Recovery. Not to mention the benefits for the climate and the environment.

Satisfied customers

There are plenty of good examples of how our solutions work. Climate Recovery ventilation duct system has been introduced around the world, with more than a thousand installations globally. Today, our focus is on the European ventilation market.
Feel free to take a look at how Climate Recovery's ventilation duct system is used today.


By using hardened wool as the load-bearing part of the ventilation duct, the need for traditional sheet metal duct is eliminated. As a result, a lot of carbon dioxide emissions are saved already during the installation of the duct system.

Furthermore, our round ducts are delivered in flat packs, which means fewer transports to the construction site.

The fact that our ducts have less pressure drop also contributes to the environmental friendliness of the duct system by energy savings throughout the duct system service life.

Our duct system Originator is environmentally declared: 

Environment Declaration


Energy reduction

Due to geometry advantages such as soft radius in T-pieces and bends, smooth inner surface on foil and more, our ventilation duct systems achieve less pressure drop than traditional steel ducts.

This allows the fan speed to be lowered to transport the same amount of air. Often this means about 30% savings of fan energy when installing the Originator ventilation duct system.

Sound damping

When the hardened glass wool, via the patented aluminium foil, is in contact with the ventilated air along the entire length of the duct system, a long, continuous sound damper is obtained. This provides fantastic sound damping properties.

In most installation cases, the need to install silencers can be completely eliminated from the installation with a sound damping ability better than the sheet metal option even strengthened with additional separate sound dampers. 

The soundproofing capacity can also be used when dimensioning transfer air diffusers. Here, the use of our duct can reduce the number of transfer air diffusers to a minimum.

Efficiency in construction projects

Choosing our duct system provides several indirect benefits for the overall construction project. Our Originator ducts come in flat packs, which means fewer transports to the construction site. As a result of flat pack capability, the storage area of the products on site will also be smaller. This reduces the need to move the material around to different storage spots on the construction site. Together with the fact that the products weigh much less than the traditional steel solution, the few material movements that are required are performed much faster.

Because the ducts are pre-insulated, one installation step can be eliminated. Project time planning becomes easier and if the ventilation installations control the project's time plan, the entire project can be completed faster. Benefits from shortened lifting device rental are also obtained. If further shortening of the time plan is needed, some batches can also be ordered pre-assembled from our factory. The fact that the duct system is lightweight also contributes to faster installation and good installation ergonomics.

Insulation in hard accessible areas is facilitated by the pre-insulation and potential condensation in uninsulated areas in confined spaces is avoided. 

By taking advantage of the sound damping capacity of the ducts, the number of transfer air diffusers can be greatly reduced. This also reduces the construction company's work on making holes and sealing of wall penetrations at the transfer air diffusers.

The Originator structure allows transition from round cross-section to square cross-section. This can be used for quick and easy installation at pipe and beam passages where extensive work with S-ings can be avoided.

Most of these benefits are not visible when comparing ventilation quotes but end up as efficiency gains for the construction project.