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Fire Resistant Duct Innovation: Protector

Climate Recovery has been awarded a grant by the European Commission through the Horizon2020 SME Instrument – Innovation Project, Phase 2. This grant was awarded according to the proposal of a new generation of fire-resistant HVAC ducts and bends. More information specifically around the grant can be found here.

The Protector/Safevent project is currently on its way, with our team of engineers having worked hard to bring a new, more sustainable duct system to the European, and global, HVAC market that satisfies EI30 fire resistance with minimal use of sheet metal. 

The programmes under which we were awarded:

If you would like further information on the project, please contact us directly.

Protector: Maximum fire protection with significantly less climate impact

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Climate Recovery launches a completely new and smart system of ventilation ducts that meet the toughest requirements. Protector is developed to fit in fire cells that must withstand 30 and 60 minutes of fully developed fire with high temperatures.

We are thus the first to be able to deliver complete solutions where all parts, large and small, are tested and approved according to the standard 1366–1.

Five strong reasons for choosing Protector:

  • You get a system that meets the fire safety requirements according to EN1366–1; An absolute requirement.
  • You get a system that reduces the environmental impact by as much as 50 percent through a smart choice of materials and efficient manufacturing.
  • You get a system that fits into the construction of the future that is circular and thus recyclable.
  • You do not have to compromise on accessories that are not approved because Protector is delivered in packages where everything needed is included and also have passed all test steps to be approved.
  • You save time and money with faster and more rational assembly.


An innovation that provides maximum security and minimal climate impact.

Ventilation ducts are traditionally made of sheet metal. It is, we believe, an outdated construction method with many negative consequences to the environment. The first step requires finite resources in the form of iron ore for production. The second step consumes enormous amounts of energy during the production itself. We saw a need to address both steps.

Stone wool that can handle extreme temperatures

Protector is based on the same basic principles as our previous innovative products. Instead of using fiberglass, this time we have chosen to use stone wool that can withstand extreme temperatures, while the material fits well in a flexible manufacturing process.


50% less environmental impact

The result means that we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions, and thus the environmental impact, by as much as 50 percent compared with traditional manufacturing. This key factor led the EU to support our development work.

The core of the ventilation duct has also been internally fitted with a 0.05 millimeter thin stainless steel foil. On the outside, the duct has a protective aluminum foil which in turn is covered by a black layer of poly- propylene with heat-repellent attributes.

No extra insulation

The fact that the ventilation ducts are delivered complete also means that you avoid the work of insulating the sheet metal ducts on site, an often difficult job that steals a lot of time and creates irritation.


All-in-one delivery a matter of course!

With Protector, you get a product that meets the toughest fire and safety requirements, and a system delivered in custom lengths: just as you ordered them.

The delivery package also includes necessary accessories, such as brackets, suspensions and screws, that are needed for a safe and approved installation. In the long run, this means that you do not have to pick up the little extras here and there that is customary today, but technically is not Swedish regulations.

With a complete solution from the beginning, you save additional time and can accept more assignments. In addition, you can be sure of delivering a solution that meets all the conditions down to the smallest detail, which until now has been virtually impossible.